Release Three - Love Ridden

By Nichole Camarillo

Release Three of four in my July 'One A Week' project is hot hot hot. [Impatient people; VIEW NOW] As I promised, the new painting is now available in print sizes up to 36" X 48", t-shirts, sweaters, mousepads, stickers, hats, bags, keychains, mugs and more. Skateboard and shoes for this product line will be available later this week. And of course, I will be sure to keep you posted on those. The skateboard is gonna be ill. I can't wait for that. As usual, I have been working into the early hours of the morning, trying to get things going for you guys. SO worth it though. The longer I look at this painting, the more I love it. The design, the sexiness, the colors, the itty bitty skull spider that you guys probably won't be able to see. Lol. Well, not until you get your badass wall-covering poster for yourself. ;D You can view all of the products in this line at my shop. [Click Here For Happy Shopping.]

Aaand draw the curtains...
Allow me to introduce this lovely lady to you all. The newest addition... "Love Ridden" By Nichole Camarillo. If you would like to view this image larger [please do], then you may visit her gallery page by clicking here. You can also view the gallery homepage to keep up with the previous releases you may have missed, as well as the LAST release date in this project.

Isn't she gorgeous? Let me know what you think... How does she strike you? Yay? Neigh? I look forward to your thoughts. Can't wait to read them, so don't forget to leave them. Did that rhyme? :/ Hmm. That wasn't intentional, sorry. *shrug

Update on the votes... Round three polls closed this morning at midnight. Thank you guys so much for being involved. After all, this is for you. So, it's good to know you're getting what you want. Or at least what you ask for. Ha.

Results of the voting? Well my friends, there was an overwhelming response of greed. ;) Only a handful of you chose to spread the wealth and have three winners. The rest of you chose to keep it all to yourself. Majority ruled, and one lucky winner will receive a mystery prize from yours truly. No hints as to what it will be, but the winner will have their choice of painting to go on the prize.

Who is this lucky winner, you ask? .....I don't know. Lol. The winner will be chosen at 1pm today. Only followers of this blog are eligible to win. Please feel free to join in on the fun before then to participate in this round's give-away. After that time, you are definitely still encouraged to follow, but will be eligible for give-aways after this one. Only one left after this one, guys. And it's a BIG one! :D I hope you're ready for it.

Alright now, who can guess where I'm headed? That's right, people... BACK TO WORK! Hi-five to all the sexy people reading this. Heyyyyy. Lol, yeah I'm tired.


CS said...

'love ridden'

Let me C.. Her man cheated... she's drinking away the pain... but she's still an Angel.

Her man doesn't realize what he's lost.


No wait..

Her man is away... She's alone but faithful.. a good girl(hence the wings) She sips wine naked to pass the time. Thinking about his return.

I gotta be close

Whatever the case..
This one is dope.. some of your best work.

Wow.. your famous

Wally.Vega said...

You're completely nuts! A gnarly bag of cashews! The GNARLIEST

Sheila said...

Wow.... super sensual without being bawdy and over sexualized. Deep rich colors with such exciting texture and movement contrasting her warm and smooth skin. Congrats on another masterful piece Nichole!

drollgirl said...

first time here, and i am impressed!