Release One - Carrion

By Nichole Camarillo

She's HERE! YAY!!
Release One of four in my July 'One A Week' project is finally here. For those of you who can breathe for a second, there's a few things I want to let you know. [Impatient? VIEW NOW] The new painting is now available in print sizes up to 36" X 48", and all sorts of cool products. There are t-shirts, sweaters, mousepads, stickers, hats, bags, keychains, mugs and more (whew). Skateboard and shoes for this product line will be available later this week. So, be sure to look out for those. You can view all of the products in this line at my shop. [Click Here For Happy Shopping.]

Alright, now let's start the show...
Ladies and Gentlemen, here she is in all her glory... "Carrion" By Nichole Camarillo. If you would like to view this image larger [please do], then you may visit her gallery page by clicking here. Also, if you take a look at the gallery homepage you will see release dates for the upcoming paintings in this project. Ooooh... how exciting. And of course, with each new release, there will be FREEEEE stuff! Lol, now are you excited? Well, with that said, today is the day, friends. I will be choosing a winner of the 'Release One' Give-Away this afternoon. Good luck everyone!

Just a little reminder... For this first round, I will be giving away an artist print of one of my paintings. The winner will decide whether they would like a print of 'Carrion' or another painting of their choice.

Cut off time to become a follower and be eligible for this give-away, is 1:00pm. At that time, you are definitely still encouraged to follow, but will be eligible for give-aways after this one. And yes, there is plenty more to come, so don't you worry.

Thank you everyone for viewing!
If you have an extra moment, please leave a comment with your thoughts.


ohr3ina said...

i've been waiting!
she is beautiful! i love the colors & the way you made her look!
just lovely :]

Wally.Vega said...

Nichole....uhm...this is utterly amazing! I don't know if you know it, but you MIGHT be a genius. Your paintings express so much emotion and life. My heart races more and more with each glance. I hope you never stop painting! Never stop! Promise me!

FaheemJ. said...

Utterly Stunning,
Riveting, and
(Truly, Nichole, you
amaze me...) I Love
"Carrion" (I believe
that is how you spelled it!

Hopefully, I win her! :)

Keep the products rolling
and my eyes un-folding
because you've got me
locked and vigilant!*

- FaheemJ.