One A Week - Round 3

By Nichole Camarillo

What's up, everyone? Round Three is here. As always, please feel free to skip to the video. I'll be here when you realize you need more details. :) In Round Three, you guys get to decide on a couple of things. First, How many winners is Round Three going to have? Are we going to have one winner? Or three winners? Before responding with, 'Duh, Nichole..THREE', I want to run some things by you...

If you guys decide that you want THREE winners and a bigger chance of winning, you will each get a smaller prize. A cool prize, nonetheless, but still small. This also means though, that you guys get to vote on what that smaller prize will be.

If you guys decide that you want ONE winner and a bigger PRIZE, then the catch is I get to choose that prize. The prize will remain a secret until it is shipped to you, and on your doorstep. I will however, be kind enough to let you choose which painting you would like on your mystery prize. &If you haven't already noticed them, the polls are toward the top right of the page, under the header. They will remain open until midnight, July 22nd. Don't forget that's less than a week away, so be sure to get your votes in.

Remember, only followers of this blog are eligible to win. If you would like a shot at some cool free stuff, please click on the 'FOLLOW' button somewhere to the left of this page. :) Once you are a follower of this blog, you are eligible all month long to win. There is absolutely nothing else for you to do.

OH! AND AND AND... My Shop is a featured store on Zazzle right now! YAY! :D All of the awesome people that want to browse around my super fly, featured shop click here.

Alright guys... more work for me to do. Get those votes in.
Enjoy your weekend!<3


Chow and Chatter said...

you are funny like your blog


Hi Nichole! Nice blog, nice art!
Thx for folloving my blog
Welcome! :-) Nataly