Hot Art Makes For Hot Shoes

By Nichole Camarillo

Release One painting, 'Carrion', made it's debut less than a week ago and is now available on shoes. These girls just posted, and I had to share. There are two more designs/pairs still in the approval process, but one of them is up for grabs right now. Cheers to NEW shoes! :D

N. Camarillo Signature Keds // "Carrions"

If you didn't already know, these shoes are customizable. Choose the colors and patterns that best express your personal style and taste. Click on any of the images to start dressing up your own! Here are a couple examples to show you how the shoes can vary...

It's so much fun. And there are many other base styles and paintings to start from. Click here to browse other HOT shoes. Enjoy.


jope said...

Very Hot Shoes

Sheila said...

Congratulations Nichole! These look amazing! I can hardly wait to see the rest.

Edward Burton said...

You have a very cool site, Nichole.
I'm with Sheila - outstanding artwork on the shoes. I look forward to seeing more of your work.