One A Week - Round 4

By Nichole Camarillo

FINAL ROUND. And yes, I said that in my best Tekken voice ever. Alright now, you know the deal... everyone with hyperactivity disorders can skip to the video, all else can move forward after reading. In Round Four we will have one Grand Prize Winner. That winner will receive a four foot poster of one of my paintings. You will have four painting options to choose from. To vote on which painting you want on your giant print, please direct your attention to the right-hand sidebar of this blog. And because of the overwhelming response from you guys about the prints that have been given away, I have decided to throw in a little bonus for Round Four. Well, not that little actually. For a limited time only, all prints in my online shop will be heavily discounted at 50% off of their original prices. Before I come to my senses, and take that back, you might want to check it out. But first...

Only followers of this blog are eligible for the give-away. As I mentioned in the video, you guys will have a little bit more time to enter this round. The give-way will take place on August 1st. Kindly click on the 'FOLLOW' button somewhere to the left of this page to join in on the fun. After that, there is nothing else for you to do. Unless you're an awesome friend. In which case, you can tell all of your friends about this really cool art give-away that's going on and how they should check it out. ;D

You can also tell them how everyone is a winner in this round, with the 50% OFF PRINT SALE going on right now. That means any painting, in any size, on any media. So, for example... a HUGE 36"x48" Print (like the one featured in the Round 4 Video) regularly goes for $89.90, and is worth every penny. But for a VERY limited time, that same print is being let go at $44.95. Crazy, right? And depending on the size that you choose, prices will drop all the way down to just about $12 bucks! That is a huge price drop and is not something that is going to last, so don't miss out. SALE ends soon. Feel free to browse around my entire Online Shop, or start browsing ALL SALE PRINTS now. Happy shopping. :)