One A Week - ROUND 2

By Nichole Camarillo

Hello hello. It's that time again. Round Two has been unleashed, so let the gaaames begin! If you would like to skip right to the video, be my guest. For everyone else that still reads in this world, I'm just going to briefly let you know what's up. In round two there will be two polls for you to cast your vote on. If you haven't already noticed them, they are toward the top right of the page, under the header. They will remain open until midnight, July 15th. That's less than a week away, so be sure to get your votes in. You will first be voting for what you want your prize to be. Second, you will vote for which painting you would like on that prize. [Note: Option 5 in Poll #2, 'Surprise Me.' refers to the new painting that will be released on Tuesday.] SO let's check this out real quick...

I didn't mention it in the video, but if you caught it at the end, let me assure you... for Round 2 there will be TWO winners! YAY! Remember, only followers of this blog are eligible to win. So if you would like a shot at some cool free stuff, please click on the 'FOLLOW' button somewhere to the left of this page. Once you are a follower of this blog, you are eligible all month long to win. There is absolutely nothing else for you to do. :)

On a side note... I am extremely exhausted. Ha.
I know a lot of you catch my status updates on myspace, so you've probably noticed that they pretty much all have had to do with [lack of] food or sleep. Yeah. So how about trying to make a video where I have to stay focused and give people information... not so fun. Ha. It probably seems decent enough to you, but maaannnn if you seen what didn't make the cut. Lol, it's so sad. Anyway... it was somewhat amusing, so I'll be posting some of it later tonight on my YouTube Channel. It will also have some insight of this project so far. Stuff that was good, but much too drawn out to shove into a promo video. Be sure to check that out.

Alright guys, I'm getting back to work. :)
Enjoy your weekend!


jennamichelle said...

Hello, I'm Jenna, I'm from Texas, & I'm excited! :) You're so adorable!!! Check your email darlin :)