By Nichole Camarillo

YAY for give-aways! Ohh how much fun it is to score some free stuff. Right? Right! Especially when it's really awesome stuff like this...

From now until January 1st, each and every one of you will have a chance to win your favorite Nichole Camarillo Mousepad. Including some from my "Art Never Dies" Series, which aren't available ANYWHERE. Not even in my shop. In fact, they are the first, and only, of their kind. And they could be all yours.

Here's what you need to do:
Head on over to my Facebook art page. Open the Mousepad Giveaway photo album. Comment on the photo of your favorite mousepad. That's it. Pretty easy, right?

The giveaway closes January 1, 2011. After that, the 5 photos with the most comments will be given away! :D If you commented on one (or more) of the winning photos, your name will be entered to win that mousepad. There will be one winner for every selected mousepad. That's 5 winners in all! Don't miss out on your chance to win. Get your comments in today! >>

[Left to Right, Top to Bottom: "Even If It Rains", "Love Ridden", "What's A Girl To Do", "Got This Heart", "Slow Like Honey"]


Alex Q. D. Osborne said...

Do we win a lunch with the artist too?? It is Christmas afterall!!