Fun Finds

By Nichole Camarillo

Sugar Skull Ring By T. S. Wittelsbach

How hyped was I to find this ring! Nothing makes my heart beat so full of life, quite like these little reminders of death. Oh, skulls. *blushing* This Sugar Skull ring is available in silver ($350 -ouch), gold ($3,500 -YIKES), and platinum (Lol, I won't even tell you...).


Graffiti Sneaker Boot By Louis Vuitton.

As an artist, as a child of the 80s, as a lover of fashion... How could I resist? These dramatic, 80s-esque, brightly colored, loudly street, funky kicks are incredibly intoxicating. But ahh, yes... There's still the pickle of the price tag. These baby's run about $980 and are not available online. Still interested? Then by all means, call 866-VUITTON for more info.


Powerbook Earrings By Sloober.

Geek? Or chic?
I call a draw. It could very well be the geek interior of my core that makes me squirm with delight every time I view these earrings but I must say, the chic exterior is equally turned on. These Powerbook Earrings were originally a DIY project carried out by Sloober [yeah, I know, right?]. But good news for those of you that fancy convenience... They are now being molded, produced in silver, and available in studs, cufflinks, bracelets and more for your online shopping anonymity. Prices range from $30-$100. View and purchase at 925works.

Wanna rep Apple a little bit harder? Then you might enjoy these iPhone earrings...

If you do... well, then it's probably time you seek out help. :)


cchaoticc said...

love the shoes from LV :D

Anonymous said...

I love your art work!! My favorite one is "Even if it rains" reminds me of myself for some odd reason. I actually stared at it for awhile, trying to figure out where I would put it in my home.

May I ask a question?

What exactly were you feeling when you painted Hollow Rhythms?

I am intrigued by your work....I also LOVE "Rumble in my jungle"

a frock a day said...

Thanks for your compliment! :)

That skull ring is to die for. Lemme guess... Silver $350, gold $3500, platinum $35,000? ;)

Great blog.

miky said...

i whant that ring!!!!! said...

@Terri Bebla...

Thank you so much! Yes, I can see how easy it is to be drawn to 'Even If It Rains'. I think amongst my paintings, it especially stands out because its so warm and happy [which usually isn't the case]. It's definitely a popular one. In fact, the original sold before the exhibit its currently in even opened. Heh. That was a lovely surprise. Gorgeous prints are available though, and IN FACT[!!] I will be having a giveaway fairly soon. YAY :D So be sure to look out for that.

Hollow Rhythms? I mean, all of my paintings are personal in some respect but THAT painting dug waaaay deeper than I was ready for.
You can email me at for any questions such as this one or any others that you may have. I would love to answer them for you. :)

@a frock a day...

aaactually its $10,500. not as bad as 35grand but still. lol

betty said...

I love that ring!

Tomas said...

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