South First Billiards

By Nichole Camarillo

SOooo.... I spent last night in great company...
laughing, drinking, hanging out and hanging art. [<3!]
I am SO excited about this Friday...
I will be displaying original artwork (including some you've never seen before) at South First Billiards in San Jose, along with other(very talented) artists. I will also be enjoying all of the surrounding events for the SubZero Festival this Friday, June 5th. &You can too! You guys must come out... it's going to be a LOT of fun. :)

&For those of you that haven't been to South First Billiards, I took a few photos of the venue last night to share with you...

Nice, right? ;D

Come hang out with me this Friday, June 5th, @ South First Billiards in San Jose. Please view SubZero Post for event details. See you there!