Polite Graffiti

By Nichole Camarillo

Kentucky artist, Ed Franklin, has been grinding daily for hours at a time, manifesting his artistic genius through found wood. He has been skillfully transforming these scourings into whimsical little creature creations. He then gives away these treasures in the utmost brilliant and playful style. That's right... a treasure hunt.

Every day this June, Ed Franklin has been masking these little bits of excitement throughout his home town of Lexington. Like, "polite graffiti," as he calls it. "It doesn't deface anything, but it's definitely there. It changes the way you see your environment ... without leaving a permanent mark."

Left with a photo and a clue, the enthusiastic treasure seekers go on the hunt for these darling gems that [once found] are then theirs to keep. No strings attached. Simply a fun game, amazing art, and a good old-fashioned attitude of finders-keepers. How... AWESOME!

Sadly though, as with all good things, this will also come to an end. 'A Doll A Day In June' has merely three days left. If you would like more info on Ed Franklin, more photos of these tiny masterpieces, or to possibly get one of the last three dolls left in the hunt... here are Ed Franklin's Facebook and Flickr links. Happy Hunting!


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