Fallen Princesses

By Nichole Camarillo

What happens when the fairy tale characters we use as distractions from our lives are pulled down from their pedestals to walk beside us?


What happens when happily ever after is exchanged for life-threatening disease, disorder, addiction, and other grim aspects of reality we've come to know?

What happens when a princess falls?

Vancouver photographer, Dina Goldstein's fascination with those answers has led to her current project, 'Fallen Princesses'. A collection of photos that spin an all-too-real twist on the all-too-glamorous tales of the Disney Princess characters.

Cool art?
Or one more example of society's twisted fixation on watching good people go under?

Probably both. :)

Two more princesses will be shot for this series which will then go on exhibit this October. Just in time to make an impression on Disney's halloween costume revenues.

A good or bad impression, you wonder?

Ohhh the anticipation builds...
To view more photos from this set, and to learn more about Dina Goldstein, please visit her website. Thank you.


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these are brilliant!

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