Polite Graffiti

By Nichole Camarillo

Kentucky artist, Ed Franklin, has been grinding daily for hours at a time, manifesting his artistic genius through found wood. He has been skillfully transforming these scourings into whimsical little creature creations. He then gives away these treasures in the utmost brilliant and playful style. That's right... a treasure hunt.

Every day this June, Ed Franklin has been masking these little bits of excitement throughout his home town of Lexington. Like, "polite graffiti," as he calls it. "It doesn't deface anything, but it's definitely there. It changes the way you see your environment ... without leaving a permanent mark."

Left with a photo and a clue, the enthusiastic treasure seekers go on the hunt for these darling gems that [once found] are then theirs to keep. No strings attached. Simply a fun game, amazing art, and a good old-fashioned attitude of finders-keepers. How... AWESOME!

Sadly though, as with all good things, this will also come to an end. 'A Doll A Day In June' has merely three days left. If you would like more info on Ed Franklin, more photos of these tiny masterpieces, or to possibly get one of the last three dolls left in the hunt... here are Ed Franklin's Facebook and Flickr links. Happy Hunting!

Michael Jackson Is Dead?

By Nichole Camarillo

Michael Jackson.

I am so lost right now.
I really don't know how to feel.
Not that I had given it much thought prior to this moment, but I really hadn't expected to hear those words in my lifetime. He was just one of those people, those names, that you think will live forever. Made up of magic and smiles, or something... I don't know.

I'm sure there will be many, many, of those that will bash his name even in death. Because, yes, of course, there was the drama. Yes, there was family turmoil. Yes to the fame. Yes to the fortune. Yes, the weirdness. The sparkly clothes. The masks. The often creepy attire. The amusement park for a home. The plastic surgeries. The celebrity gossip. The accusations, true or false. Yes, there was all of that. But if there is anything that this man may need to answer for, he is doing that right now. That's not up to any of us, so let's move on.

The insane amount of wonderful that this man has brought into the world could wrap around all of the other things at least ten times fold. With his music, his fame, his fortune, and with everything else positive that he was able to create for himself, he gave back exceedingly more. He has brought so much joy, entertainment, and feel-good vibes to so many of our days. He has for sure [at least] given us some amazing playlists. And whether it was giving a sick child a smile and bit of hope, or raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for a good cause, he used his wealth to help so many. He brought such abundance into numerous peoples lives all over the world. He brought inspiration, hope, creativity, style, and love to millions. His incredible music, extravagant style and childlike character have left quite the impression. His reach was beyond, beyond.

Although the lights have now faded and the ashes will soon enough settle, one thing remains true... Michael Jackson is a legend. He really is one of those people; those names. The ones who live forever. Just in a different way now.

Through his music, and through our hearts.

Rest In Peace, Michael.

Fun Finds

By Nichole Camarillo

Sugar Skull Ring By T. S. Wittelsbach

How hyped was I to find this ring! Nothing makes my heart beat so full of life, quite like these little reminders of death. Oh, skulls. *blushing* This Sugar Skull ring is available in silver ($350 -ouch), gold ($3,500 -YIKES), and platinum (Lol, I won't even tell you...).


Graffiti Sneaker Boot By Louis Vuitton.

As an artist, as a child of the 80s, as a lover of fashion... How could I resist? These dramatic, 80s-esque, brightly colored, loudly street, funky kicks are incredibly intoxicating. But ahh, yes... There's still the pickle of the price tag. These baby's run about $980 and are not available online. Still interested? Then by all means, call 866-VUITTON for more info.


Powerbook Earrings By Sloober.

Geek? Or chic?
I call a draw. It could very well be the geek interior of my core that makes me squirm with delight every time I view these earrings but I must say, the chic exterior is equally turned on. These Powerbook Earrings were originally a DIY project carried out by Sloober [yeah, I know, right?]. But good news for those of you that fancy convenience... They are now being molded, produced in silver, and available in studs, cufflinks, bracelets and more for your online shopping anonymity. Prices range from $30-$100. View and purchase at 925works.

Wanna rep Apple a little bit harder? Then you might enjoy these iPhone earrings...

If you do... well, then it's probably time you seek out help. :)

Fallen Princesses

By Nichole Camarillo

What happens when the fairy tale characters we use as distractions from our lives are pulled down from their pedestals to walk beside us?


What happens when happily ever after is exchanged for life-threatening disease, disorder, addiction, and other grim aspects of reality we've come to know?

What happens when a princess falls?

Vancouver photographer, Dina Goldstein's fascination with those answers has led to her current project, 'Fallen Princesses'. A collection of photos that spin an all-too-real twist on the all-too-glamorous tales of the Disney Princess characters.

Cool art?
Or one more example of society's twisted fixation on watching good people go under?

Probably both. :)

Two more princesses will be shot for this series which will then go on exhibit this October. Just in time to make an impression on Disney's halloween costume revenues.

A good or bad impression, you wonder?

Ohhh the anticipation builds...
To view more photos from this set, and to learn more about Dina Goldstein, please visit her website. Thank you.

'A' is for Agony

By Nichole Camarillo

It's been quite some time since I've been exposed to the mind-numbing prosaic scenes of the world, more commonly referred to as the 'office'. Reminiscent nerves were struck awfully hard however, while viewing these creations by David Fullarton. I cannot begin to explain how completely amused I am by this production. Such lightly put and deeply rooted comedic takes on our existentialist actions in a capitalist zoo. Ahhh... sweet wretchedness.
"It’s about transcending the mundane through the beauty and absurdity of distraction."

To view the full body of work in this installation, please visit David Fullarton's Portfolio. For details about the entire exhibition 'Sisyphus Office', please visit SKYDIVE.org.

SubZero 2009 Hit HARD

By Nichole Camarillo

If you missed the opening SubZero art reception at South First Billiards, it's probably best that you stay in the dark about what exactly you missed.

Arriving just a couple hours after I had planned on, the list of happenings I was already regretting missing had grown to be of an enormous length. Thankfully the great people in the artist collective, Heart of Chaos, and all of the wonderful inhabitants of San Jose, know how to live it up. The SubZero Festival rocked through the night into the early hours of the morning. I love having so much fun. So many people supporting and enjoying the arts. And having a blast while doing so. Photo Credit (Photo, Right): BasicLee Photography

Several live bands were performing. Lots of interactive performances and displays throughout the festival provided crazy visuals and arose countless questions. Many of the downtown galleries had their doors wide open, welcoming every avid art seeker dancing in the street. The thriving downtown San Jose scene was heavily spiced with street vendors, art of all walks, and endless treats to delight every one of your senses. Saying hello to so many familiar faces, and being introduced all night to new ones left my head spinning for days. Although, I'm sure kicking back (more than) a few drinks only intensified that sensation. It was quite the night out.

Although the SubZero event has packed its bags, South First Billiards will continue hosting many of my original paintings for the month of June. If you would like to check it out, South First Billiards is located at 420 South First Street in San Jose, CA. They have air hockey, ping pong, a seemingly endless number of billiard tables, karaoke, food, drinks, and more for you to enjoy during your visit. There are also many other talented artists displaying their work as well. It is definitely worth the trip.
Thank you for your support. Enjoy.

Video by Nichole Camarillo. Photos by Nichole Camarillo, unless otherwise noted. To view all photos from this event, please visit my SubZero Set on flickr. Thank you.

Lights. Camera. Action.

By Nichole Camarillo

A picture is worth a thousand words.
What you may not realize is that there are at least a thousand pictures for just about every word. One of my recent google image searches led me to some lovely photos I thought to share. Here goes...




Why don't you see what you can find. :)