The End Is Near...

By Nichole Camarillo and Lower Haters Gallery are proud to present:

Featuring: Nichole Camarillo, Michael Shapcott, Dec!mus, Cuca Refugia, Taren Meacham, Pobresito,  Burner, Give Up,  Biafra Inc. Curated by Curt Anderson.

Lower Haters Gallery, 597 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
Lower Haters Gallery hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-7pm

Exhibit runs May 14th, 2010 to June 9th, 2010
Opening reception: May 14th 7pm-11pm

The Beginning of the End is a group show like none other. This show seeks to reflect the tumultuous times we live in, while encouraging growth, development, collaboration, and hope within the movement. For the opening reception, we will bring to you an unforgettable event touching all the senses and emotions, with a video projection element detailing process, vibrant art, music, and liveliness of true community. It will be a night you will not want to miss. And a night you will not soon forget.

I will have NEW paintings on display at this show, including my latest painting, featured (snippet) above. I have carefully selected four paintings in total that I feel best represent where I am as an artist, as well as best convey the theme of this show. It's going to be an incredible event you will definitely want to attend. You can RSVP NOW on Facebook.

Juxtapoz Article:

The Way We Get By

By Nichole Camarillo
I have been working working working. I'm sorry I haven't had much time to share what it is I've been working on. There is a LOT to come. May and June are going to be crazy for me. I will try my best to keep you guys up to date with all the cool things happening and all the crazy art I'm creating. Speaking of which... I have a new painting I am SO over the top thrilled with. It was such a fun one to do. This painting will be on display in an upcoming show that's right around the corner. More details on that soon. Right now, let me introduce the newest insanity in my collection.

"The Way We Get By" by Nichole Camarillo

I told you it's insanity. ;) Oh oh oh! Guess what else I have for you? No? Not much for guessing? Well, alright... I give. I was able to capture the process in a time-lapse animation. YAY! So, definitely give it a watch... I hope you enjoy. I'll be back with more madness once I knock out some of these deadlines.