By Nichole Camarillo

AS ANNOYED AS I USUALLY GET WHEN PEOPLE TYPE IN ALL CAPS, IT'S NOT SO BAD TODAY... Lol, That's right, folks. It's Caps Lock Day (I know, right? Yes, it exists.) and Zazzle is running a special one day only promo. This means I get to share an awesome and oh so exclusive discount with you guys. YAY! Don't miss out... This offer is good for TODAY ONLY (10/22/09). So head on over to my shop [] and use code CAPSLOCKDAY9 to start receiving special discounts up to 50% off all day long...


DON'T FORGET! You can also customize your OWN. Woot! :D
From my shop, simply click on the link at the top of the page that reads 'CREATE'. You can choose any product you want to create from scratch. Add your own text and your own images and STILL receive today's discount on your OWN creations. How awesome is that?!

25% OFF EMBROIDERY! Although I don't currently offer embroidered items in my shop, you can still create your own today, and receive 25% OFF any embroidery item you create. Create custom, embroidered, bags, jackets, hats, etc.

LOTS of savings, LOTS of fun. Enjoy, you guys! :)