Michael Jackson Is Dead?

By Nichole Camarillo

Michael Jackson.

I am so lost right now.
I really don't know how to feel.
Not that I had given it much thought prior to this moment, but I really hadn't expected to hear those words in my lifetime. He was just one of those people, those names, that you think will live forever. Made up of magic and smiles, or something... I don't know.

I'm sure there will be many, many, of those that will bash his name even in death. Because, yes, of course, there was the drama. Yes, there was family turmoil. Yes to the fame. Yes to the fortune. Yes, the weirdness. The sparkly clothes. The masks. The often creepy attire. The amusement park for a home. The plastic surgeries. The celebrity gossip. The accusations, true or false. Yes, there was all of that. But if there is anything that this man may need to answer for, he is doing that right now. That's not up to any of us, so let's move on.

The insane amount of wonderful that this man has brought into the world could wrap around all of the other things at least ten times fold. With his music, his fame, his fortune, and with everything else positive that he was able to create for himself, he gave back exceedingly more. He has brought so much joy, entertainment, and feel-good vibes to so many of our days. He has for sure [at least] given us some amazing playlists. And whether it was giving a sick child a smile and bit of hope, or raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for a good cause, he used his wealth to help so many. He brought such abundance into numerous peoples lives all over the world. He brought inspiration, hope, creativity, style, and love to millions. His incredible music, extravagant style and childlike character have left quite the impression. His reach was beyond, beyond.

Although the lights have now faded and the ashes will soon enough settle, one thing remains true... Michael Jackson is a legend. He really is one of those people; those names. The ones who live forever. Just in a different way now.

Through his music, and through our hearts.

Rest In Peace, Michael.


Terri Bebla said...

I know isn't it weird? He was kinda like this mythical creature, who was supposed to be immortal. My husband was a big fan, me not so much, but I always felt bad for him, there was always so much judgment thrown at him. I hate how we are always so quick to point the finger at others, but forget we have three pointing right back at us. Poor man...I always believed that he truly always longed to be a child because he missed out on his childhood.

Well, at least he can rest now.

Maverick Malone said...

RIP <3

The Personal Power Coach said...

Well said. He was, still is, and should forever be (in my humble opinion), a legend. Thank you for writing this.

The Wandering Gypsy said...

And the moonwalk shall never be seen on the Earth again... :(


And well written :)

Lee Beth said...

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