More Interpretations

By Nichole Camarillo

In seeking out others art, I do not always look for art similar to mine. In fact, it's quite possible that I almost never do. Ha. I love to express myself through my own art. It is very much a release. So with that 'release' satisfaction filled through my own creations, I don't look to others art for a release... I look for an escape.

A simple, honest, beautiful escape.
And that is subjective to my own interpretations of those words, of course.
Well, just this morning I came across some lovely design and photos that offered up just that. Just thought to share...

These images were found on More Interpretations Flickr Photostream.
You can view the full collection available, here. Thank you. :)


Rolfe Bautista said...

I love the work nicole :D Your painting a week is a great Idea. I have been having secret raffles for my daily drawings. I was wondering if you would like to trade one of your weekly painting prizes for an original daily drawing of mine. Your choice. Well I hope to hear back from you :D