Hot Art Makes For Hot Shoes [MENS Pro Keds Launch]

By Nichole Camarillo
That is correct. Pro Keds are finally live in my shop. All of you guys may now stop asking when I'll be getting men's shoes. ;) So, let me give you some quick facts. These shoes come in high tops and low tops. They are available in (whole/half) sizes 4.5 through 14. Low tops will run $67.50, and high tops for $70 flat. Also, I will be designing both feminine and masculine styles for the shoes. Ladies love high tops too, you know. Alright now, here we go...

N.Camarillo Signature PRO Keds

Suh-weeet. XD I feel like I've waited forever for these. I'm SO excited! I will be continuously adding new designs throughout the week. Feel free to keep checking in to see what's new. You can browse ALL Pro Keds here. All the shoes are mixed together, but the Pro Keds will show up toward the top. To directly view any of the shoes shown above, I'll go ahead and list them from top to bottom:
N. Camarillo Signature Pro Keds // "Heavens"
N. Camarillo Signature Pro Keds // "Evens"
N. Camarillo Signature Pro Keds // "Gots"
N. Camarillo Signature Pro Keds // "Whats"
N. Camarillo Signature Pro Keds // "Evens" vLow
N. Camarillo Signature Pro Keds // "Carrions"

Don't forget, these shoes are totally customizable. Change up the trims, midsoles, stitching, all of it. Make it your own. For example, let's say you love the artwork on the last pair of shoes in the above photos ("Carrions"). But maybe they're just a little too dark for you. So, switch up some of the black to whatever colors you prefer. (See changes below)

You can change the laces, all three sections of the midsoles, the eyelets, the inside lining, the toecap, all of the binding, AND the stitching. What are you waiting for? Go customize your own! But don't say I didn't warn you, it is VERY addicting. Happy shopping! :)

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Unseen Rajasthan said...

Beautiful post !! Beautiful Art work and stuff !!