Art Never Dies: Marilyn Monroe

By Nichole Camarillo
Hello everyone. I trust you're all feeling great. What's that? No? You were horribly sick all week and so was everyone else you know? Hmm... yeah me too. It super sucked. BUT now I have a little treat to distract us! Cheers to distractions! Woo! :D Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Marilyn Monroe...

"Art Never Dies: Marilyn Monroe" by Nichole Camarillo

Marilyn! This incredibly beautiful and captivating gem shines far too bright to be ignored. Because her intoxicating sensuality and charm still has you buzzed, she was a must in this collection.

Oh, what? You want to see and hear me personally introduce Marilyn? *Flattered* And you- you want to be certain that I mean it when I say my mother is crazy? And you want a big ginormous hint as to what kind of massive coolness I'm gonna drop on you before this is all over?? Well hot DAMN! ..All you had to do was ask! ;D Let's start the show...

I know that video is titled "Art Never Dies: Marilyn Monroe", but I'm sure we can all agree SuperextraADDhalfsickhalfbuzzedridiculousnonsensespecial is how it would most properly be named. Right? Right. *Nod* So this is where I make up for that with a really cool mini time-lapse animation.

Effing sweet. Now we're even.
Stay tuned for Bruce! :D