Art Never Dies: La Friducha Fuerte

By Nichole Camarillo
Who was here for our last session? *Raises hand* Okay, great. Thanks for keeping up to date. SO, where we're at now is the real deal. Since my computer is holding all of my files hostage, I won't be uploading my new paintings to the website for a while. But definitely check in here for everything you need. Okay, now on with the show... Are you ready?
'Art Never Dies: La Friducha Fuerte' by Nichole Camarillo

HELL YES! FRIDA! XD For those of you that don't know, this woman's paintings are the reason I started painting. Her life, her struggle, her every tiny speck of being have heavily influenced my perspective on art, as well as my personal expression through my art. I was introduced to her paintings... ohhhh... about 10 years ago? Before that I had no interest in painting or in any paintings I had ever seen. And then... along came Frida. This beautiful, strong, demanding, powerful force of nature. This incredible woman has poured her heart out for the world to see. Her love, her pain, her misfortune, her mistakes. At that point in my life, I could not believe that someone (a woman at that) could be so horribly, brutally, honest. And proud of it. So proud of everything she was and stood for. She had absolutely no shame in who she was, how she lived, what she wanted, or how she'd get it. SAVAGE. Really though. Frida Kahlo was a savage. ass. woman. And I love her for teaching me that.

This entire series of paintings is definitely a fun one for me. And I was definitely careful in choosing which artists to allow you to see through my eyes. But Frida... maaaan oh man... hands down, most personal of the series. It was a pleasure. It was an honor. I'm only sorry I didn't do this sooner. And as promised... my trip along the way... Enjoy :)

More paintings in this series coming soon. Stay posted.