Art Never Dies [Video Intro]

By Nichole Camarillo

Yay for new projects! :D Here's my hot mess of an intro...

That's right. If you were able to get past my ghastly winter (lack of) color, then you now know about my NEW project. The first new painting is releasing this Tuesday. Lots of great things to come with this project.

As you know, the title of this new project is "Art Never Dies". It's a really cool portrait series focusing on dead celebrity artists. Initially there will be 5 new paintings in this project. Frida Kahlo, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee, Mac Dre,  and Michael Jackson. So 'artist', of course, has a wide range of meaning. In the initial five portraits, we have a painter, an actress, a martial artist, a rapper, and a singer. Each of these artists were hand picked for different personal reasons. Aside from the personal, the main reasons (and things they all have in common) are as follows: They are all deceased, they are all artists, and their art still lives on. Art is forever. Art inspires and teaches and entertains far beyond the life span of the artist. With "Art Never Dies" I wanted to give nod to that fact. I also want to pay a little tribute to some of the artists that are still inspiring, teaching, and entertaining me with/through their art.

I'm trying a few new things with this project. The style these portraits are being created in is far more minimal than what you would usually see from me. The technique is also very new for me. In order to achieve the look and feel I envision for these portraits, I have been haphazardly layering paint over masked sections made with stencil cut outs I have created for each individual artist. Sort of a 'controlled chaos'. The subject matter is also new to me. This is the first time I am attacking portraits, much less well-known people. It's been really fun and really exciting. And there's still so much more to go.

Another cool thing about this project is that you will get to watch some of these portraits go down. I am inviting you into my space to watch me and my brushes go nuts. I will be recording my painting process and releasing time-lapse videos with the corresponding portraits. Less than a handful of people have ever caught a glimpse of me painting. And I've never allowed even the closest family member to watch a whole painting go down. So this should be interesting.

You can keep updated on this project and each new release by following this blog, becoming a Facebook fan, or following me on Twitter. Thanks! :)

Side note:
Now that we know who my picks are, I want to know who you think would be a great addition to this series. Leave me your thoughts. I will pay attention. I will be selecting a couple readers and their awesome suggestions to win some cool prizes. ;)


OooKellyNicky said...

Your work is absolutely incredible! Amazing. I want to feature you in my blog if that's ok.

jigger said...

Hello Nichole, Jigger here. Great piece and to let you know that I cannot hide my inner feelings of your work on how much I appreciate it. Art Forever. Bravo.:D