Fun Finds

By Nichole Camarillo

Snow's Revenge By Vinylville

'Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the baddest b*tch of them all?' ...If you were quick to answer Jasmine, close, but no cigar. Sweet Snow is taking the Disney bad girl lead and unleashing her inner gangster for all the land to see. No need to choose between naughty and nice this season... Let your two halves join hands and celebrate the incredibly delightful glow of the miggedy miggedy MAC apple. (That was a Kid Frost reference, for you youngins that didn't get it.) This super sweet vinyl decal can be used to spruce up any laptop, but is obviously meant to accentuate the best. (And I obviously am a biased Mac user. ;P) "Snow's Revenge" is available at the Vinylville shop for $15 bucks.


Smoking Mittens By Suck UK

Reason #14 I kind of wish I hadn't quit smoking (but did and am super benefitting from every single second of it). If you happen to light up, then you know the feeling... Fuuuu** it's so cold outside, but I reeeeally need a cigarette, but fuuuuuu**$#%#! Yeah. I've been there. Where, no matter how much you bundle up, you're ultimately gonna end up with frozen hands. Or completely disgusting need-to-throw-them-away-NOW gloves and a thrice fallen camel. NOT fun. And if nothing else, destroying your heart, lungs, skin, and all-around cleanliness should at LEAST be fun. Yeah? YEAH! Bitchin! Pick up a pair for yourself at SUCK UK for £20.00 (or about $30 bucks). Friendly Reminder from the kind folk at SUCK UK: Remember kids smoking is not big or clever and it WILL kill you, but if you want to die you may as well die with warm hands! ;D


USB Fingerprint Security Lock Flash Disk (8GB) By Chinavasion

Oh. Em. Geezy. Really? Do we really need to feed more into my paranoia? Really? Sigh. How incredibly God-sent is this flash drive? Oh, and by "God", I of course mean "Everybody knows you're hiding porn and nobody cares but if a false sense of security helps you look her in the eye...". ;D Sure, in theory, a fingerprint security flash drive is a wonderful innovation. Thus, making it a fun find. But... really? Really? -Trust, if what you're up to is actually legit and worth the ridiculousness of a fingerprint security anything then it would also be worth it for the intruder to cop your fingerprint (surprisingly doable) for unlocking purposes. Still need a blankie? Pick up your Fingerprint Security Lock Flash Disk from for just under $50 bucks. Rest easy, greazy. ;)

Happy Shopping!


Rolfe Bautista said...

These are very fun finds indeed :D I love the smoking mittens. That is marvelous!

CAPow said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I LOVE it!! I can't wait to read more!

NayCake said...

i've been wanting to do something like that to my mac!

ps i love yer art btw...idk if i've ever told u =] but i do!!