The Art of the Brick

By Nichole Camarillo

I'm sure everyone's had those moments where you're bored out of your mind, fed up to here, and contemplating dropping your job in true Half Baked fashion to follow your dreams. But not everyone's job is as dead end as our buddy Scarface there, and not everyone's dream is with Legos? That's right. Lego artist, Nathan Sawaya, up and left his career as an attorney to pursue his Lego dreams full time. The result of such stupidity? Genius...

"The worst day in the art studio is still better than the best day in the law firm"
-Nathan Sawaya

[My personal favorite...]

Anyone that needs to see it to believe it can catch Nathan's work at Turtle Bay Exploration Park and Museum where it is currently on display. For more sculptures, shows, and tour dates please visit the artist's website.