Take It To The Streets

By Nichole Camarillo

Whether it's a well written and thought out commentary on the social and political issues that litter our society, or a sudden burst of anger vented in the form of a million and one F bombs, most of us have something to say. Not many, however, actually have the balls to stand up and say it. Very few are willing to step out and shake things up, in hopes of sharing and conveying what it is they have to say. I think that's what's so intriguing about street art. A street artist is not only willing to step out and speak up, but they risk numerous penalties to leave their message out in the open for everyone to see and ponder. Peter Gibson, better known as Roadsworth, is one of those artists.

Peter's style is so subtle that it would be very easy to pass it off as something less than what it is. Especially since there are no words to accompany his visuals. But rather than push his own words, his art is more of an invitation to come about your own. His intention is not to impose his opinions, but to push back at the ones imposing on him. He states, "An open-ended quality of expression would lend itself better to interpretation and dialogue than the "FUCK BUSH" or "OIL=WAR" kind of language that is typical of a protester‘s placard and that I felt people had become desensitized to."

[My personal favorite, "Affordable Housing"]

If you're interested in the full breakdown of what he does and why he does it, definitely check out his website, Roadsworth.com. You'll find much more of his work there, as well as a little insight to what each piece is about. Enjoy!


mrs. mentally said...

omg..i LOVE you blog..
i was looking for a blog like yours for ages.
it's amaaaaazing *Moaahz* :*

Laura Crocodile said...

Hahaha, very original drawings

Pisu said...

Hola Nichole.
I would like to ride my bike through this roads! Nice street art. Simple, effective and poetic.

Tu blog es un gran descubrimiento. Un beso!

Lee O. said...

beautiful blogg!