Fun Finds

By Nichole Camarillo


Hand-Painted Heels By Cocopunkz

Speaking of young & reckless spending... Is it just me or can you never get enough hand painted shoes? The ladies at Cocopunkz sure do have me wishing I had a thousand bucks to blow. Or five birthdays in a year. These sexy, urban gems don awesome names like 'Hong Kong Nights', 'Infatuation', and 'Even Robots Fall In Love'. If your pockets are aching to unload some weight, you can pick up a pair for about $200 to $300 bucks.


Hearts For Bluebirds By Josh Coulas

Do you heart birds? Josh Coulas sure as hell does. This super sweet fine crafted birdhouse is probably the only birdhouse I have ever actually wanted. Sadly, this precious wooden heart was built for competition, not for sale. *Sad horn plays* You can view more ultra unique bird pads at the Toronto Botanical Gardens Summer Showcase. The showcase runs through September 22nd.


The Ex Knife Set & Holder By CSB

Because "accidentally" stepping on your cat and punch-fluffing your pillows is just not enough passive aggressiveness in your day. Take a bit more of that edge off with the most bitchin knife holder you have ever set your eyes on. This nogoodsonofa will run you about $70 bucks new on And if you feel like rounding out your creepy collection, check out their toothpick holder and corkscrew.


Cuffs By Tattooed Steel

Regular cuffs, brushed cuffs, color cuffs and limited edition cuffs. The creative folk over at Tattooed Steel are serious about their cuffs. The designs on the lamer end of the scale are definitely not worth the minimum $40 bucks you have to shell out for these babies. But when we start teetering over to the sicker side of the scale? That's when the big bills are gonna start dancin around in your pocket. And don't think you have to stop there. Oh no, friends... you can easily burn your whole paycheck on belt buckles, pendants, rings and more stuff you don't need. YAY for impulse shopping!