Sneak Peek: Mac Dre

By Nichole Camarillo
Alright, this has got to be the most fun portrait yet. I am SO in love with how it came out. Not only that, but the process was just as entertaining for me. You guys are really going to like how it came out. The colors, the expression, the fact that it's MAC DRE[!]... come on now. If you're an awesome Facebook Fan, then you already got a little taste of the progress last night. But today I finished the painting, so I wanted to share with everyone. Ready?

Andre Hicks A.K.A. "Mac Dre" (1970-2004)

TELL me how excited you are. Seriously. It will definitely please. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled this coming Tuesday (April 6th) for the full release. That will also include a time-lapse video. :)


OooKellyNicky said...

Wow, awesome work. Your very talented. said...

Thank you! :)