Art Never Dies: A Mac Named DRE

By Nichole Camarillo
Yeah, yeah. I blew off finishing up work on Sunday to drink wine, eat chocolate, lounge on zee (that's French for "the") couch and watch Jurassic Park. Thus, resulting in a delayed release. For those of you that were looking forward to yesterday's new painting release, I apologize. For those of you that have no idea that I'm coming late with this- YAY! NEW RELEASE TODAY! YAY! I'm on time with EVERYTHING! YAY! Aren't you SO excited?! :D

"ART NEVER DIES: A MAC NAMED DRE" by Nichole Camarillo

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Thanks guys. Four down, one to go...


OooKellyNicky said...

You are awesome. Soooo inspirational!! Incredible work.