For All Your Design Needs

By Nichole Camarillo

I receive a lot of inquiries and comments about my website. Generally about how much people love it and how cool they think it is. Emails I receive from designers and developers are much more technical and nerdy but still add up to the same. ;) Now, I'm never one to claim on someone else's hard work and glory. Although all of the photos and paintings you see are from yours truly, I couldn't put a website together if you were holding a gun to my head. Any design, flash, blah blah meh you see on my website is WAY over my head. It's like quantum physics to me. Yeah sure, I get the general idea... but going toe to toe for all twelve rounds? ...Not happening.

Anyway, as much as I rave about the design and designer behind the curtains of the Nichole Camarillo project, he has been extremely unavailable to take on any new projects for about the past year. So, not a lot of you have been as lucky as I have been to work with him. Until now, that is. :D I received an email this morning sharing that not only is he open to taking on new clients, but he is running some pretty sweet specials. Some of the projects Rome Studios has attacked for me include: Flyers, E-Flyers, Business Cards, Web Graphics, Flash Banners, Web Design & Development. It doesn't matter if you're a well established business or are just starting one, you need these services. Like, really need. So for those of you that have been asking and wondering, I strongly suggest hitting him up as soon as you can. Herrre goes (most of) the email...

For the past year I was working on assignments with an awesome Interactive Agency in SF, I had the wonderful experience of working on projects for Nike, Apple, eBay, and a few other big names. Check out my portfolio to see a few samples of Flash Banners I produced there.

I am now available for freelance work, and wanted to let you know about some special offers. If you, your company, or anyone you know could use my services; give me a call or shoot me an email anytime. [[Interruption by Nichole] I had to make this image smaller. Just click to view bigger in a new tab[k sorry, continue]]

Recently, a lot of friends, clients, and family have been asking me about hosting. Needing new hosting myself, I did a lot of research and wanted to recommend JustHost. Unlimited Web Space, Unlimited Data Transfer, Host Unlimited Domains, Free Domain Name for life, tons of features, tools, and extras - and only $3.95/month.

Here's a couple of articles I want to share with you, to help get your week off to a good start. (Just click the images/text to link to the article) Enjoy.
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Aaaand that about wraps it up, folks. So tell me... Do you feel dirty knowing you were looking through someone else's email? LOL

For more info on Rome Studios, or to contact Mr. Rome, please visit his website, You can also poke your nose around his illustration section if you just want to see some cool art.

Later, guys! Enjoy your day. :)