Sketchbook Project 2011 Tour

By Nichole Camarillo
If you've been following along with my Sketchbook Project, you'll be happy to know it's finally complete! Yay! :D I've put the finishing touches on my book and mailed it off to the Brooklyn Art Library, where the tour will begin. This is a 9-City tour that will cover the U.S. between February and July of this year. It's a pretty awesome (and pretty massive) project. Basically, it's a touring library of sketchbooks from all over the world. Just like a library, there will be different categories of sketchbooks to browse through and "check out". My sketchbook will be placed within the category, "I'm Sorry I Forgot You". 

Within the pages of my sketchbook, I explore the emotion surrounding the love and loss of my Father. At the start of this project, there were still a lot of negative feelings lingering from his death. I felt like working on this sketchbook would be a positive, and greatly needed, release for that. For anything I still needed to say or acknowledge. And it definitely was.

I was able to purely and effortlessly unleash those thoughts and emotions as quickly as they came. It was amazing. It was such a wonderful and liberating experience to work on this project. I'm so happy I did. And I'm even more excited about sharing it with you guys. Unlike any other exhibits I've been a part of, this one will be able to reach so many more of you. Now complete, the book will first tour the United States, then take a permanent home in the Brooklyn Art Library. 

I'm currently working on getting prints made for those of you that are expressing interest. As for the real deal, I hope you check it out on tour in the city nearest you. As the show dates approach, I will be posting times and venues on both my Facebook and Twitter.

Cities are as follows:
Brooklyn, NY - February
Austin, TX - March
Portland, ME - March
Atlanta, GA - April
Washington, DC - April
Seattle, WA - June
San Francisco, CA - June
Chicago, IL - July
Winter Park, FL - July


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good start

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I saw something about that subject on TV last night. Good post.