Fun Finds

By Nichole Camarillo


Custom Shoes by Ndeur.

Borrow some vintage pumps from mom's basement boxes and let Mathieu Missiaen bring 'em back to life. These bad boys run about $180 bucks a pair on Ndeur's Etsy Shop. Just describe what design you want on what shoe and Mr. Missiaen makes it happen. Holding down the creative spot behind Ndeur shoes, Mathieu says, "My designs are modern, fun and will make your shoes a work of art". Yes...yes, indeed. (And for $180 bucks, they damn well better.)


iLLAZillA by TNES of hippoesthetics.

How could you NOT want these little guys? Come on, now. This original wooden toy by TNES has been stompin' around the streets of Las Vegas & New York on a mini tour. Where's he headed next? Los Angeles, then Hawaii. If you can't keep up with the baller status of little man's vacations (I know I can't), you can find custom iLLAZillAs (hand-painted by a variety of artists) up for bid on My Favorite? "My Pet Zilla" by NASTY NEIL. Prices range from $40-$400 dollars. Happy bidding!


Kindle 2 by Amazon.

Not that I could ever own one of these, thanks to my break-it-faster-than-it-can-come-out-of-the-box ineptitude, but still. Not even that disaster waiting to happen could change the must-have glow radiating from this incredible wireless reading device. With a unit cost of $359 dollars, Kindle 2 is available for purchase on Amazon boasts massive book availability, full book downloads in less than 60 seconds and over 1,500 book storage capacity all squeezed in to one little device weighing LESS than a single paperback. And you don't even have to read it yourself. That's right, friends. Put on your PJ's and cozy up, 'cause this little piggy is gonna tell you a bedtime story. Sweet dreams!


cello85 said...

i want TNES' Drunk frog in bear suit figurine, but damn, $500?? pass lol, we're in a recession!! Great finds, i love your blog!